Caution: School Crossing Ahead

I have to rehash an old story because it’s driving me crazy. And the control freak that lives inside me can’t let it go.

If you remember, I blogged back a few months ago about David attending Kindergarten. The truth is, we still don’t know exactly where.

Yes, he’s still on the waiting list at local Catholic School. He’s also registered at the expensive private school. And, yes, he’s also registered for the crappy 2 1/2 hour per day public school.

I still am waiting on the Catholic school. The Principal there must think I am completely stir-crazy, as she has received numerous letters from other parents trying to help me out in convincing her to open a spot for my son. This school is the best of both worlds…. full day, reasonably priced.

Then there’s the private school. After all the visits and a non-refundable deposit I captured a spot for David. It’s expensive (more than I am paying now). And last month we received a note from the school indicating the teacher I met and really liked QUIT. They just hired a new teacher, and I haven’t met her yet.

Last month I relented and registered David for public school. The local school has a good reputation, but the Kindergarten school year is a joke. I feel like putting David there would negate all the learning he’s done so far…. and take him out of sync. He’s used to a full day and to go to a measly two hour school day…. I don’t know…. The only perk in this scenario is that a good friend of mine has volunteered to watch David (AM or PM… whichever session he is assigned to). But the real kicker??? The school doesn’t tell you whether your child is on the AM or PM session until TWO weeks before the start of school. Freaking unbelievable.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will have to be in this nebulous zone all summer. Until either the one school calls us, or I just throw in the towel and decide to be poor or decide that we can hack Kindergarten on a severely reduced schedule.

The one thing that is definite is my baby is graduating from Pre-K and the daycare he’s loved for the last 4 years on June 13th.

And, will begin his elementary education SOMEWHERE in the Fall.


One thought on “Caution: School Crossing Ahead

  1. I am so naive. I forget how most of this nation operates (or doesn’t) when some things seem “easy” here. Someone asked me about daycare and I told them I wasn’t even going to start looking until the baby is here. I refuse to pay 6 months to hold a position when I probably can find something relatively quickly. Of course there are downsides to living rurally…I’m really hoping things fall into place sometime this summer for you.

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