Sweet as can be…

I love, love strawberries. In fact, I am eating them right now… topped with a little lite whipped cream. Soon (late May-June) I’ll be able to pick my own from my local farm stand. I probably have at least 20 recipes that I use over and over, but always looking for something new.

My recent favorite is this strawberry pie which I received the recipe about a month ago. So far we’ve made it three times. It’s great for those counting calories (or WW points) because you can make it almost fat-free.

David also loves strawberries. They are a close second to his other favorite fruit… blueberries. Yep, I’m lucky that he’s a fruit lover. I count my blessings every day that he’s always been good in that way. How in the world I created a child with a healthy appetite defies logic.

Do you have any favorite strawberry recipes? Share! I am looking for something new for an upcoming barbecue next month.

5 thoughts on “Sweet as can be…

  1. Here in Florida, we have strawberries in the winter time. Near where I live, we even have an entire festival, The Strawberry Festival, in Plant City. I have a market right around the corner from my house and back a few months ago, I posted some stunning photos of the berries incased in ice to protect them from freezing (as weird as that sounds).We make strawberry shortcake. BUT! not with angel food cake. We make it with the shortcake recipe on the side of the bisquick box. My Mom is famous for hers. She splits the cakes (about the size of a biscuit) and butters them immediately out of the oven, makes a big bowl of sliced berries with just a pinch of sugar to extract the sweet juice, puts a cake in a bowl and tops with the fruit and as much juice as there is to go around. My kids LOVE this dessert at Mimi’s house.

  2. Yum, I love fresh strawberries too. I love to get them at the farm stand and start eating them right away. I love a bowl of just sliced strawberries, or over ice cream or cheesecake is divine. My mouth is watering!–MM

  3. My favorite summer time dessert are Pudding Fruit Tarts. Simply fill those little graham cracker mini pie crusts with vanilla pudding and let set for an hour. Then top with fresh slices of strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries (about 3 slices of the strawberry/kiwi and about 3 blueberries on each) and enjoy…it’s yummy!!

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