The Happy Wanderer

David has turned over a new an unexpected leaf. Surely we couldn’t count on him to be the perfect little man 24/7.

The fact is, he’s 4 going on 5 in a few weeks and starting to really push the boundaries of the parent/child relationship.

Exhibit 1 (Home Improvement Store)
After David test drove all of the John Deere riding tractors on display (and repeated attempts to remove him from said tractors and lectures on how he needs to put on his “listening ears” and actually LISTEN to Mommy and Daddy) he started the hiding game. Hiding meaning ducking into the shelves in the aisles and pretending he has disappeared. He thought it was a riot running ahead of us and hiding. That was until we ducked to the side and his head popped out and he didn’t see us. Of course the game was over at that point. Wide eyed he looked around, and when WE popped into view he laughed.

OK, lesson not learned.

S. stomped out of the store in a fit. Mad that David wouldn’t listen. Wait, who’s the adult here anyway?

Exhibit 2 (Children’s Clothing Store)
We needed to but the growing boy some tank tops for our upcoming vacation next month, so we entered the store at the “witching hour”. In other words, naptime. Upon opening the door, we heard the store blasting loud music (shopping ambiance???) and David decided to break out into his finest dance moves in the middle of the Boys 4-12 section.

Customers thought he was cute, but S. was further annoyed. Especially since David shimmied and shaked his booty to the adjoining Girls section, out of view.

I have to admit, I couldn’t keep a straight face. By this point watching him dance made me laugh. And it’s hard to say “David GET OVER HERE, STAY WITH MOMMY AND DADDY!” while giggling. S. was still annoyed. Very annoyed and despite hushed conversation in the corner of the store, David still was hyped up. And Daddy had enough.

We ended the day with David falling asleep during dinner at home, and not waking up until this morning.

I think he wore himself out.

Shortly after, S. dropped into bed and was asleep before I even got into bed. Looks like Daddy wore himself out too.

Parenting… fun, eh?

So cute yet so devilish.

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