The Blueberry Farmer

The air smells sweeter in the Spring, doesn’t it?

The one thing that excites me about Spring is the anticipation of all things green. Green grass, green trees, and fresh produce.

I am a sucker for the little farm markets all over the suburbs that feature home-grown fruits and veggies. There is just something about fruit and vegetables that are “locally grown”. It tastes different. And then there’s the homemade baked goods, but let’s not go there. I haven’t had breakfast yet.

David has a thing for local blueberries. This goes waaaaay back to his toddler years. He knows when you are trying to “trick him”. Don’t bother trying to pass off blueberries imported from Canada. He can pick out a blueberry grown in NJ with a blindfold.

Now that winter is behind us and my daffodils are in their last full bloom, David realizes the summer is not far behind… so last week he asked when the “blueberries are coming”.

“Not until July buddy…” I explained. “unless you want the other ones.”
“ewww, no Mommy. Those are yucky.”

So it was no surprise this morning when he announced he wanted to plant a garden this summer. With his favorite things of course… blueberries. That way we don’t have to drive to buy them.

Sounded logical to him. And then he explained… “I want to plant 33 bajillion blueberry plants. Ummmmm, no, I changed my mind. Just two thousand blueberry plants.”

I asked why two thousand? And then he went on further to say that his plan would mean he would have to take down the fence in our yard and grow them in the neighbor’s yard too. But he would pay our neighbor to use their yard, and provide a small green patch of grass for their dogs because dogs need grass, you know. And then he would put in “huge sprinklers” to water the bushes. He would pay the neighbor’s kids to help pick the blueberries. He mentioned selling them in the front yard. (To compete with our neighbor’s kids lemonade stand, I guess).

I think I have a budding entrepreneur on my hands.

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