Keepin’ it real dawg: AI Weekly Wrap Up

Top 8 this Week.

Inspirational week. I was waiting to be inspired. For the most part I was, except for a few (one) performance that was decidedly uninspiring. Read on…

Michael Johns: I liked last week better, but I still think this was good. Randy, you were harsh, dude. I do agree that he hasn’t found his place/style. If I wished anything for him it would be to go back to the bluesy thing. Digging the ascot though.

Syesha Mercado: Oh Syesha… you just had to go do that, didn’t you? As if we all haven’t warned you enough about singing BIG songs, now you tromped on another BIG song, and you just MAKE everyone want to compare you to the original. If I had advice for Syesha, it would be to go your OWN thing. Stop it already… we know you have a voice. ahrghh.

Jason Castro: Me likes it. The ukulele was way cool man. And I love this version of the song. A+ for song choice.

Kristy Lee Cook: You have to hand it to Kristy, she knows when to pull it out. When I first heard she was doing Martina McBride I was a wee bit nervous. After all, Martina is the Whitney of country ya’ll. But you know what? Kristy did a great job. I was happy for her.

David Cook: Was I the only one that didn’t immediately know this song? But then I did. And then I was sad because I wasn’t excited about his performance. It was o-k, but not fabulous. But let’s face it, he’s not going anywhere this week.

Carly Smithson: She seemed so MAD singing this song. Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be inspirational? I was left with the distinct feeling that Carly is definitely on the chopping block this week. And color me not inspired in the least.

David Archuleta: Let me say that when I see David sing, my heart is all a pitter patter. He’s just so darn cute. Maybe it’s the “David” thing, but I just feel like being his Mommy and giving him a hug. What a talent.

Brooke White: Safe song. Love the song, but I wonder is Brooke really so sunshiney all the time? I mean ALL the time? To be honest, I don’t see her winning this competition, but I like her because of her realness (or perceived realness). I bet in real life she probably is a very good friend.

Who SHOULD be voted off this week:
Syesha or Carly

Who WILL be voted off this week:
Maybe no one, it is America Gives Back Week.. so they might save all and chop two next week….

Best Performance of the night:
well, duh, David A. of course.

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