Keepin’ it real dawg: AI Weekly Wrap Up

Top 9 this Week.

I do love Dolly Parton. Such a sweet lady. Of course I know this to be true via my Mom who met Dolly about a year ago before a show in Atlantic City. Dolly spent a long time chatting with my Mom and my Aunt, and had to be pulled away (hello Dolly? you have a show to do) by her “people”, otherwise my Mom was sure she would have gone on for another hour of chit chat. I love celebs who aren’t full of themselves.

Oh yeah, the show. I had high expectations. But I came to the conclusion that Dolly is indeed so brilliant, that her not singing a song can lead to disastrous results.

David (my David) couldn’t join me to provide comment. He was tired, and nodded off early.

Brooke White: I think she did a good job. I love the song “Jolene” and I expected her to do more with it. I would have rather that she slowed the song down more and really did something out of the box. A’right for me dawg.

David Cook: I love this guy. And I loved the version of the song. I think I am overusing the word “love”, but how could you not when talking about David Cook?

Ramiele Malubay: She’s little, she’s cute, she’s sassy… but I am so underwhelmed by her lately. And, please, does her stylist insist on torturing her with those freaking jumper dresses? Is this a fad I am not aware of? The performance was mediocre, sorry dude.

Jason Castro: Another performance I could have lived without. What is wrong with this week? I know the judges thought it was ok, but I hated it. I was waiting for Dolly to walk out and start singing the song the way it should be sung. Oh, Jason, you just are starting to bore me.

Carly Smithson: I thought she did a great job. Her voice is just great, compared to some of the other girls. I hated that Simon was so blunt dissing her choice of outfits…. but he’s right. She needs a wardrobe makeover, STAT!

David Archuleta: Like the voice of an angel this kid. He does make it look effortless, doesn’t he? That’s all that needs to be said.

Kristy Lee Cook: Kristy, you know what? I think you didn’t suck this week. Even though I missed talking about your “star spangled” performance last week (which I thought was over hyped by the way), but I think you did a very decent job this week. For redeeming yourself, I promise not to wish for you to be voted out this week.

Syesha Mercado: Sighhhhhhhh. I just KNEW she was going to pick this song. Please people, haven’t you learned ANYTHING over the last 7 seasons of Idol. Do NOT sing Whitney or Celine. This performance was…. predictable, as Simon might say. I didn’t dislike it.. in fact this is one of the best songs written by Dolly… but I didn’t feel uplifted by the performance.

Michael Johns: I hate that they had to rush the judges… poor Michael gets to sing at 8:58PM and they nearly ran the show credits over his face. Because dude rocked tonight. This was the perfect song for him. PERFECT. Thank goodness.

Who SHOULD be voted off this week:

Who WILL be voted off this week:
Ramiele, but I worry for Carly.

Best Performance of the night:

3 thoughts on “Keepin’ it real dawg: AI Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Shelli, I couldn’t agree with you more on this wrap up. Dolly Parton week was kind of a yawn, but Michael Johns and David Cook were the standouts. I really wanted to love Brooke’s performance, but it was not earth-shattering. And, it was time to see Ramiele go. I don’t think she ever lived up to her potential. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on next week!

  2. Hey there Moms, it’s time to show the world how sexy a soccer mom can be. Get your bag, shirt, or hat, and tell the world, “I’m a Sexy Soccer Mom, drive your own van!”

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