Random Thoughts

It’s been quite a week so far. Some personal updates….

My Grandmother passed away peacefully around midnight on Easter Sunday. So, instead of joining any family get-togethers or big dinners… it was a low-key day. We went to visit my Mom and Dad who were just soooo tired (they went to the hospital right after they got the call and never went to bed Sunday). We looked at old pictures of my Grandmother that are going to be used at the service this week, and just talked. The viewing is Wednesday evening, and the funeral on Thursday. I don’t look forward to events such as this at all, the whole “open casket” thing is mystifying to me. I can remember every person I ever saw lying in a casket, and it’s not a memory that I think of fondly. It’s unnerving, and for that reason I have always told my family that if I should pass, please don’t put me on display. No, heavens, no.

At the same time this was going on, my brother was rushed to the hospital for the mother of all intestinal infections/flu. He’s been sick for the last two weeks which culminated in being so dehydrated he had to be put on an IV. He looked terrible when I saw him on Sunday, so it was no surprise… but he’s back home now with his IV. The lesson being, even strong young men can get annihilated from the flu.

And fall soccer sign ups are this week. David is excited to join a sport this year. I am less so since I wonder how on earth I will fit practice and games into an already overloaded schedule! Everyone else does it, so I just have to get over myself and find more time in the day to work and be a mom.

So now you know where I’ll be if I disappear for a couple days. I may or may not be posting an American Idol post this week depending on how busy I am.

My goal is to get though the week, plain and simple.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. So sorry about your grandma~I don’t get the whole open casket thing, either. Husband’s family (they’re Filipino) has the relatives gather around the open casket and take PICTURES. Weird. Not exactly the way I’d want to be seen!

  2. Shelli,I’ve been meaning to post for awhile now. I first want to say I am so sorry about your miscarriage. I am just so, so sorry. It is so unfair. Please hang in there and keep blogging.I am also so very sad to hear about your grandmother.Peace to you. Angela

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