Sippy cups go to heaven

Yesterday was a big day at the BagMomma house.

David finally gave up one of his last ties to toddlerhood… the sippy cup.

David has always done everything on his own time. He fought potty training in pretty much the same way. He is only ready to move on when HE is ready. Just like his father.

We’ve been trying to get him to “give up” the sippy/straw cup (we call it the “baby” cups), and we thought we made headway over the last year when David had no problem drinking from a regular glass/cup during the day. It was the wake-up sippy cup, and the one he HAD to have before he went to bed which was the problem.

I was convinced at one point that he’d be in college one day drinking from a plastic sippy with circus animals printed on the cup.

So it was an odd morning yesterday. And for the BILLIONTH time we tried to lure him into throwing away the sippy cups.

And to our amazement, he said, so matter of factly.. “Ok!”

We were excited, and then reminded him that once they go away… THEY ALL GO AWAY.

No turning back…

…and then, we all went into the kitchen. Took every cup and top out of the cabinet…. and with much celebration… David tossed all of them into the trash.

We clapped and took a picture.

We went out and stopped by the grandparents houses to share the good news. And when we got home, I started to sweat wondering if the bedtime ritual was going to turn into a tantrum mess and I would have to dig the cups out of the trashcan outside…

We were surprised again when David sat at the table, and drank his milk from a regular cup. Happy and relaxed.

We were dreading bedtime, but the real challenge was still ahead. So this morning David woke up for school… and was NOT chipper in the least. He did not ask for his sippy cup, but he sat in the family room crying that he was thirsty.. but didn’t want to sit at the kitchen table for his orange juice.

So I left it on the table and went about my routine, and by the time I walked back into the kitchen, he had relented. Success!!

I have to admit, I had a “Mom” moment in the car, and weeped (just a little) that my boy really has crossed over to that of “little boy”.

There’s nothing holding him back now from his baby days… well, except for “Scrappy” (his blanket). But we’ll save that for another day.

2 thoughts on “Sippy cups go to heaven

  1. Congratulations on ditching the sippy cup – it’s pretty much the same way my kids gave up their woobies (pacifiers) – it’s so hard to convince them that they’re growing up…parents, I mean.Take it from a fellow New Jersey Moms Blogger – nice to meet you, btw.

  2. I wasn’t as nice about the sippy cups…I slowly eliminated them until they just ended up all gone.However, we do have four cups that in a disaster do get used as replacements: tuperware glasses that have sealed lids that a straw can go through. We all use one when it’s movie night so I don’t worry so much about spills in the living room.

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