Keepin’ it real dawg: AI Weekly Wrap Up

Top 11 this Week. Ok, remember when I said last week that I was not impressed? Color me blue (again). I just didn’t like most of the performances. Was it me? The second week of Beatles songs? Why are they shoving the Beatles down our throats this season anyway?

On to the fun….

Amanda Overmyer: As I noted last week, I just am getting bored with her (now I am sounding like Simon). I am also a bit peeved how big the heads are on these contestants this year. Whoa, nelly…. you are not famous YET. I can’t really say more than that. But having spoke my peace, you and I both know she will still be around next week.
David says: “Bad!” “No, I like it!” ok Sybill……

Kristy Lee Cook: I cringed through most of this song. Just was all over the place. Even Paula didn’t like it, and you know what that means.
David says: “I’m not sure, she has long hair.” I don’t know if he meant he didn’t like her performance, or if he thought she had a hairpiece. lol.

David Archuleta: He’s got the voice of an angel, this kid. I’m worried he might not be old enough to handle what will come to him from this show. I know, I sound like a worried mother. Great performance.
David says: “I like all the David’s”. Well, he is down to just TWO brothers now.

Michael Johns: So frustrating! Like when you get your nails done and you mess up a fingernail fiddling for your car keys in your purse. I just want him to have a good week. This was not one of them.
David says: “Good! Is he the other David?” No honey.

Brooke White: I was on board until she got up from the steps and twirled into that “woooooo!”. I actually didn’t think she was as bad as the judges made it seem. And who are we kidding? She’s not going anywhere this week. She can redeem herself next week.
David says: “Where’s the peeeeano?” He’s got a good memory.

David Cook: Rock it out dawg! I love this guy, and I think Simon was way off base with his assessment of “predictable”. Ok, the voice box thing was a little Bon Jovi’ish, but who cares? He’s entertaining. Did you notice the looks Simon was giving him after his performance? What’s up with that?
David says: David was in bed for this one. I’m sure he’d have a lot more to say, but it will have to wait until next week OR when the show is reduced from two hours to one hour.

Carly Smithson: Ok, I was scared at first. I saw that red shirt with the roses and it made me think of a bad prom gown. But as she sang, I forgot about that hideous shirt. I like it. Simon didn’t. Big surprise. Self-indulgent Simon? What is wrong with you tonight?

Jason Castro: Well, I’ll give him my vote for singing the song that spawned my first name. My parents loved that song, so they named me after it. I imagined Jason was singing the song directly to me… because there are so few Michelle’s in the world. (that was sarcasm… how do you think I got the nickname… Shelli? Let’s just say when I started elementary school there were SEVEN Michelle’s in my class… I digress.. but it’s an important point. )
Oh, his performance? Lackluster. Sorry dude.

Syesha Mercado: “Yesterday” is one of my favorite songs of all time. I was ready to put Syesha onto the chopping block this week, but she knocked this one out of the park. Good job. You just bought another week.

Chikezie: Cikezie, my man. You had me so excited last week. I just wasn’t feeling it this week. The transition to the fast part with the harmonica? You should have kept the song slow. I didn’t like the hoe down thing.

Ramiele Malubay: More harmonicas. Thankfully from the band. I thought this was a sorta odd song choice for her. And I felt like her performance was forced… like pretending you can’t wait to get a root canal.

Ok, and the drumroll please…

Who SHOULD be voted off this week:
Kristy Lee

Who WILL be voted off this week:
Kristy Lee

Best Performance:
I can’t decide… it’s between Syesha, David C., and David A.

4 thoughts on “Keepin’ it real dawg: AI Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Well, here I am better late than never. Can you BELIEVE it wasn’t Kristy Lee who was voted off? Admittedly, rocker girl wasn’t much better but at least she has a personality!!I’m still in love with David A., Jason could sing anything, follow it with that dazzling and hypnotizing smile and be adored by the masses.I’m with you an all the other contestants. Sorry to see Amanda go but alas, the one trick pony had her moment. Next week, if it’s not Kristy Lee, I SWEAR I’m going to stop watching (which is what I say every year when the votes don’t go my way LOL)

  2. I thought Syesha did do great. I was surprised they didn’t like it more. I agree with most of your assessments again, though I still love Michael Johns. We just has the idol thing going. David A. is so talented, but it is hard to see him as this huge star. He just looks like a little kid to me! It was definitely Amanda’s time to go. Not sure how Kristy keeps hanging on.–MM

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