Where art thou?

I’m here, I really am. Just taking a siesta.

I am grumpy, I have a UTI (again) and my doctor is closed (how dare they! I need antibiotics!), and some extended family sadness drama going on. More on all that later.

I will be watching American Idol tonight, so tune in tomorrow to hear more comments from the (almost) 5 year old thespian who is my son, David.

Until then, got any Mac.robid for my bladder infection? Sorry… oversharing.

2 thoughts on “Where art thou?

  1. it’s me again. Couldn’t resist to post again after I read about your visit to your OB/GYN…It’s tough, isn’t it? The last time I was there, I saw a woman coming out of the ultrasound room telling the ultrasound tech (the one who pronounced my pregnancy failed) that she didn’t sign up for a placenta previa…none of us did sign up for this crap, did we?hope you’ll find your way out.

  2. hi Shelli,sorry it took me so long to thank you for your comment on my blog! My daughter is also going to turn five this summer and I was checking out schools (mostly public) last month. Fun experience, eh? Hopefully, you are already on the way of recovery from your UTI!

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