Keepin’ it real dawg: AI Weekly Wrap Up

Top 12 this Week. Was it me, or was last night a little bit of a letdown? I saw a lot of nerves and the people I expected Great Things from…. were….. mediocre? Let’s press on to the meat of the matter.

Be prepared for David’s comments… they are insightful and well, childish.

Syesha Mercado: Hmmmmmm…. all I was thinking during this performance was how much it was just ok. “Just ok for me dawg…” as Randy would say. The song makes me happy… but I just wanted more.
David says: Nothing. He was still in the bath.. but hang on, because he has something to say about Chikezie…

Chikezie: I love this guy. I love his personality. Does he not just seem like the nicest person you would want to meet? Great song. Great Energy. One of my faves for the night. And I was so close to writing him off last week… but I know he’s not going anywhere this week.
David says: “Dawg!” He liked it.

Ramiele Malubay: I so want to like this girl. She’s pretty and has shown such a great voice. But she’s uncomfortable (still) on the stage. I fear that if she doesn’t open up and “bring it” (as Randy would say) she’s not going to last very long.
David says: “That song was old. Boring!” But I should also say that he was swaying his arms over his head with the audience.

Jason Castro: Paula said, “I feel your heart” talking to Jason. But dude, I wasn’t feeling it. I found his delivery weird and awkward. I wanted something else from him. But it’s not hair tips.
David says: “I don’t like him, he has girl hair”. Sorry Jason…

Carly Smithson: I have to admit, I don’t know what all the hub-bub was about this girl. But tonight I started to see the light. She has a very powerful voice, and that was one great song choice for her. I am beginning to want her to succeed.
David says: “Good!” Short and to the point, my boy is.

David Cook: Every time I hear his name I think “Daniel Cook” from the Disney channel. If you don’t have a child under the age of seven, forget about it. His performance: awesome. And the odd thing is I did not like him early on, but his rockin’ edge makes me tingle. And is name is David, so what’s not to love???
David says: “I like him!” and also notes he has “his” name, which makes him his brother?? Huh? Apparently I’ve been traveling the wrong way down the infertility path. I just need to adopt another David according to David.

Brooke White: I liked this girl from the start. She just exudes heartfelt excitement. And she’s very musical. First the guitar, and now the piano? Why can’t I be so talented? Why can’t I have her hair?
David says: “Wow Mommy, she plays peeeano!” It’s easy to impress a four year old, what can I say?

David Hernandez: Yes, his name is also David. But I have to say, sadly, I find him.. I don’t know…. cheesy. The song was presented hokey. Dude, I don’t care if you actually did “cabaret” in your past. You have a great voice. You just ruin it with your song choices and dancing. Sorry.
David says: “I’m going to bed Mommy.” Yeah, ok that’s pretty clear.

Amanda Overmyer: Ok, let me be frank here. I don’t understand what her lure is. I find her to be a one-trick pony. However, I will say that thank goodness she made to the portion of the competition where they get stylists. Her hair looked better, and she looks SO MUCH better without all that caked on makeup.
David unavailable for comment. But I will share his comment from last week which was “Mommy, why does she look like a skunk?”

Michael Johns: He’s Australian. He’s got a great accent. He’s got a great voice. And, the song he sang… “Across the Universe” is one of my favorites. I wanted him to have a great week, and he alllllmost made it. I am pulling for him.

Kristy Lee Cook: Ugh. She was either going to knock it out of the park or give the public the reason to vote her off pronto. Unfortunately it was the latter. She butchered a great song. I’d love to give her props for doing the country thang, but she ain’t Carrie Underwood by a longshot.
Sorry hon. You do seem sweet though.

David Archuleta: My favorite in past weeks, but oh how I cringed when he forgot the words. The poor kid looked out of place and out of time. I hated having to watch his decent into the abyss. David. I know you can pull it out next week… and no one in their right mind will vote you off for one bad performance. Just don’t do that again. Also, for the record, I think you are sooooo cute I just want to pinch your cheeks.
My David was asleep by this time, but if he was awake, he would have happily noted that this was his third brother and for that reason he should stay. 😉

Ok, and the drumroll please…

Who SHOULD be voted off this week:
David Hernandez

Who WILL be voted off this week:
Sorry, Kristy Lee. The tribe will have spoken.

Best Performance:
Tie between Chikezie and Carly.

4 thoughts on “Keepin’ it real dawg: AI Weekly Wrap Up

  1. I agree with you for the most part, though Brooke doesn’t do it for me. David Cook is definitely winning me over. I loved his “Hello” last week. Definitely a disappointing week, surprisingly. They had everything to make it good. Michael Johns is still my fave, but mostly for aesthetic reasons. ;)–MM

  2. We are AI fans too. I agree with you on Kristy Lee, she just awful last night and that song was just weird, it did not transition to country at all.I liked Michael Johns but he was a bit safe and boring.I’m so upset for David Archuleta. I wanted to cry for him; you could tell he was SO uncomfortable and that, I think, translated to him forgetting his words. Although my least favorite contestant Brooke brought it last night. She’s just so, cutsie and sweetsie, it’s almost annoying but the girl has talent.Skunk-girl? He nailed it and YOU nailed it by calling her a one trick pony, she is. I doubt she’ll make it to the top 10.I totally agree with you on the rest of the performers and their performances. I look forward to yours and David’s weekly comments about the show!!

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