Ready dawgs?

This blog needs some lightening up. So whether you like it or not, I’m dragging you back into the”kitsch” that is BagMomma.

Specifically, tomorrow starts my first in a series of American Idol Blogging. If you were a reader last year, you’ll remember my dedication to the cheese, the irreverent humor, and the soul-wrenching performances.

This year I promise more of the same, with a twist… My son will provide commentary as well. Because sometimes I get a little too critical, and there’s no better barometer of truth than an *almost* five year-old’s opinion.

Join me tomorrow for my first installment.

Will there be another Sanjaya? Hell yeah, and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s a female this year.

Will Shelli (that’s me) revert back to using the lingo of a 21 year-old to describe performances? But of course, dawg

I promise to be truthful, but not hurtful. Because the blogging world is small, and last year I found out that the contestants actually Google themselves and sometimes land here.

Do you think it will scare them to see infertility blogging and AI blogging on the same page??? hehe.

Stay tuned, this will be fierce!!! (Oh wait, that’s Project Runway… sorry…)

2 thoughts on “Ready dawgs?

  1. Maybe it’ll be a wakeup call to any contestant who shows up…life’s not all puppy dogs & rainbows. Or put another way, Hollywood’s not America. ;)I shall hereby admit that my faves are Jason, Brooke, and David C. And if Michael could recapture what he showed in Hollywood on “Bohemian Rhapsody,” he’d rejoin my list.

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