Let there be light

I made it to my u/s early today, and to be honest… sitting in that chair was a very different feeling compared to Friday. On Friday, my heart was thumping out of my chest and my feet shook like leaves as I sat in waiting in the u/s room.

Today I decided that whatever will be will be. When the nurse took my blood pressure and it was perfectly normal, she smiled and said….. “geez aren’t you nervous?????”

I was happy to see my favorite RE, and he seemed goofily happy too. As I assumed the stirrup position, (and he prepped the infamous dildo-cam) he started making a drumming sound with his voice. And then, in his perkiest tone, said “Drumroll please!”

I thought I was on a game show waiting to see if I won the million dollars.

But it was better.

One fetal pole, measuring just right. One sac and yolk sac, just right…

And then he told me to hold my breath for a moment so he could zero in on the heart. As I gasped in the room full of air we saw the most beautiful sight.

A healthy heartbeat of 122bpm.

Visually just stunning. I honest to goodness felt like I had an out of body experience.

I’m still pregnant, and by god there is a real live baby in there! Not a dead one. Not a wait and see if it looks better baby.

Today is a miraculous day.

It’s just one hurdle, but a BIG one for me.

12 thoughts on “Let there be light

  1. Congratulations Shelli!What a wonderful moment that must have been! I am so over the moon for you…This was a huge hurdle. May you conquer the other hurdles just as well.In the meantime, bask in the glow of seeing that heartbeat.

  2. Tears of joy here for you!!!! There really is no other sound/sight better. Well, maybe you’ll disagree with that statement WHEN you are holding your new baby in your arms!! That, is fantastic news. I’ve been having problems loading your site or I would have commented on Friday that I would be praying for you all weekend. So glad all is well!!!!!

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