How about that…

Still very pregnant.

A perfectly doubling beta today @ 20dpiui.
hCG= 1,678 and P4= 70.8

That progesterone number is still up there. Amazing. I always fought low progesterone, so it’s nice to see that a non-issue at the moment.

Next blood draw is Tuesday, and probably an ultrasound end of the week.

Still trying to take this all in. With the last four miscarriages, I never had good numbers to share. I could never relax and enjoy one day because I was always on the low end of everything. Low betas, low progesterone, no great news at all.

I should also say that yesterday I had an evening of the “sickies”. I felt yucky whether I was eating or not eating. I don’t remember ever having that reaction this early in a pregnancy.

So this is either the cruelest joke ever played on a human being, or maybe, just maybe I have a chance this time.

{crossing fingers tightly}

8 thoughts on “How about that…

  1. I don’t remember having such a good pg period either ;(Especially after two miscarriages before my lil’ one.. I was cautious and lemme say paranoid about alot of things..I couldn’t help it.But tryin to relax & making myself happy by doin things I enjoy like a pedicure or a gentle foot massage would do some good.. Stay calm & positive,dear.. Everything would be alright :)CONGRATULATIONS,by the way 🙂

  2. OMG!!!!!!! I have been away from blog land for a few days and I was so, so happy to read about the wonderful news!!!!!Congratulations Shelli! I am so very happy for you!!!!!!- Angela

  3. Yay! lol.God willling….Oct 11th… but I am a c-section gal, so probably 7-10 days before that.How are you feeling? E-mail me, I want to share symptoms. lol.

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