Waiting, wishing, hoping

Tuesday won’t come soon enough to know if this pregnancy is on the right track.

That being said, I feel very pregnant in every way. Since the day before my BFP, I’ve had pretty ridiculous headaches. They do level off in their intensity, but they are constant. I can’t remember if I had such bad headaches with David, but I certainly did not in the last failed pregnancies.

I am so happy that my progesterone is at a good level, because I always have fought low progesterone. Let’s hope that remains a non-issue.

It’s an odd place to be when you are waiting for that second beta. Wanting to be excited, but trying not to be too excited. I know all too well at doubling betas (for me anyway) don’t equal a baby.

Thanks to you ALL for your well-wishes. It’s nice to share a good day with my blogging friends.


I had a really nice birthday dinner on Saturday. My Mom made a collage in a frame with pictures of me from baby to 40, and it was really cute. I haven’t seen a picture of myself as a baby in years. Or, my incredibly long hair as a little girl which I chopped off at age 9 never to return again.

My brother and sister-in-law gave me a sterling silver trinket box with an engraving on the top. Very sweet. And S. gave me a litany of gifts at home (what inspired him I don’t know), the best being a new eternity band ring.

And the topper was a chocolate chip mint filled yellow cake with white chocolate frosting. The best cake I ever tasted!

It was a really great weekend. Let’s hope that carries into this week. 😉

3 thoughts on “Waiting, wishing, hoping

  1. Sounds like you had a fab b-day. I don’t put much stock in betas either, but progesterone level has never steared me wrong (also have low progesterone). That’s too funny. I insisted my hair be cut at age 9 as well, wanted that darn mushroom-dorothy hamill style, only to never have it grow back. 😛

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