And you thought I was stooopid

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Really? Wow, it must be all those big words I use like poopy and dingbat.

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In other news, it’s 6dpiui and I had my luteal check this AM. All is well, just another week of waiting. I didn’t have to do the booster hcg shot… because last month I found out I was allergic to the generic version. Did I forget to mention this? My arm swelled up like a balloon. ooops. At least I am not allergic to Ovidrel.

And, I must tell you that I had a really nice tour of David’s (I hope will be) new school for kindergarten. The atmosphere was great, the staff professional, and the kids just seemed to love it there. I was surprised at the technological advances in the classrooms. Laptops everywhere, and no blackboards. Well, let me rephrase that, there were blackboards, but they started using a new technology last year where they have these “Smartboards”…. think Blackboard-sized computers that you can write/draw on and such. And I do love the religious aspect. I thought I was showing up for the 2 cent tour, but it actually was an entire half day of meeting the faculty and students. What was really cool, is the staff encouraged us to ask questions to the kids in the various classes (K-8). The kids were honest. It was funny, informative and pretty awesome.

Then, the buzzkill. Tuition is increasing 35% by 2010-11 (to coincide with the local diocese’s plan…so each Catholic school in the region will eventually have the same tuition). I could handle that, not surprising. What isn’t getting more expensive?

But then, the big question at the end of the day… how does the school choose students if the amount of registrations exceeds slots available? The Principal noted that first dibs goes to current families already in the school with siblings…. then parishioners, then ????

??? being they didn’t elaborate. Reading between the lines, it means knowing someone that makes the decision is probably helpful. We are parishioners, we were married there (at the church), David was baptized there, and hubby’s family have been members since 1976. You would think that puts us ahead of the game, but it doesn’t. Because there are a ton of parents that have the same background we do. Yeah, our town is pretty small in ways.

So, it’s time to find an angle. I guess it’s true you will do anything when it comes to the well-being of your children. I am the kind of person that stays in the rules and doesn’t mow people over. Sweetness and kindness have been my strengths, and I don’t need to be that boisterous and overbearing parent.

Nope not me.

However, I foresee some buttering up of the staff is in order. I’ve got two weeks before registration day to work this out. 😉

3 thoughts on “And you thought I was stooopid

  1. We joined the church where we want Em to go last week. Luckily, they don’t reject anyone…parishoner or not. Active or not. New or not. So we’re good. They have an open house on the 31st, so we’ll go check it out then. They even have after-school care until 6 pm.

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