Smiley faces are an extra charge

We finally made it to Friday.

This has been a long week for me (aren’t they all?) but this one was really pushing my limits. Just everything coming from all sides….

So, I had my final follie check for this cycle, today is CD 12. I didn’t mention, but my RE upped my dosage when I had sped up and then spun my wheels after 6 days of stims.

For the last two days, I went to 3 vials (225 IU) of Gonal-F. Today, as if the fairy godmother herself had waved her wand over my ovaries, were 3 mighty fine looking ready-to-go mature follies. Large and in charge. The thing that was different than last cycle (as I was looking at the u/s) was the follies were perfectly round and so pronounced. I have four on the L (two mature)and three on the R (one mature), but when he looked at the left, the shadow from one of the follies cast what looked like a smiley face on the largest follicle. Even the nurse saw it, and we joked about it. Let’s hope that happy egg is the golden egg.

I triggered this morning at 7am, and have my IUI scheduled for later tomorrow.

And here’s an interesting fact. I gave myself the trigger in the RE’s office, which is the first time I actually did an injection myself. Since I received all the stims in my upper arm, Hubby was the only dispenser of injections until today. I really don’t have a fear of giving myself injections, I just never had the occasion to. It was a little freaky but very cool.

The only downside this time is we have to go to Faraway Office for the IUI. Which means, if you see a Black SUV whizzing down Route 73 tomorrow in NJ, it will be me with S.’s swimmers. Please make way for the crazy infertile.


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