Random Thoughts

U/S and blood draw was this morning, and I’m down to just two lead follies (one on each side….. a little less exciting than last cycle) 16×15 and 15×15. Another check on Friday, and possible IUI Saturday or Monday.

Did you watch American Idol last night? It was my hometown (Philly) night, and I am now convinced that I live in the land of crazies and crack whores. Most of the people that got through to the next round weren’t even from Philadelphia. Am I going to do another season of weekly AI posts here when the finals start? Hmmmmmm… I don’t know, I’ll have to see if the mood strikes me.

Work…. has been heinous. I am working myself into the ground, all while surfing job postings. I’ve decided I need a change.

I started walking two weeks ago as a means to get healthier and lose weight while I am in infertility hell. Yesterday, I almost had a heart attack when a neighbors dog (tied to a tree… don’t get me started) lunged at me as I walked by and almost cracked its neck. That’s the second time in two weeks that I had a dog incident. Now I know why people use treadmills. It’s not always safe on the mean streets of the Jersey suburbs.

It’s 3 weeks to my 40th birthday (Feb. 2nd). Sigh.

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