Day Three

I had my baseline u/s today and was given the all clear to start injections again tonight. No cysts, thank goodness. Lining thinned out to appropriate level. I’m following the same protocol as last month (150 IU of Gonal-F) since my stats were so pretty. Of course, nice stats don’t equal a pregnancy so they can’t be that great.

The only snag I ran into preparing for this cycle was the meds. Or I should say the accessories to the meds. I got my new shipment of meds yesterday sans syringes and tips for IM injection. So I called the Speciality Pharmacy Unit to ask if they would please send more (I have some left over from last cycle but not enough since they shorted me the first time). The asked me why, and THREE times I proceeded to tell them, yes, I have the Gonal-F vials and Sub-q needles, but I can’t use the ones that come in the box. I need IM. Three “specialty pharmacist specialists” (say that ten times fast) later it finally dawns on them what I am asking for.


On the upside, my RE was willing to let me coast of 4 days of stims and come in on Monday instead of hoofing it to the faraway office over the weekend for my check-in. That makes me happy.

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