Better the second time around?

And so starts another cycle.

Thanks you guys, for your comments yesterday and e-mails. Who commented that I sounded sad but not devastated? It think it was you MM, and you are pretty dead on.

I am ok about it. Sad and bitter, but ok.

Because, in the world of IF a new cycle starts the beginning of a new chance. And, really, what’s better than living your life in two-week increments?? Yes, sarcasm indeed.

So, Thursday marks another Day 3 scan and bloodwork and the start of the dreaded IM injections. Actually, I lie. The injections are not that bad at all. S. is now an injection whiz, and I have it down to a science, really. At least they make me feel like I am working towards something, which is a good mind diversion.

It also helps to get moving onto a new cycle before the bills come in for the previous one. lol.

Sigh… I don’t know guys. It’s been 2 1/2 years of this rollercoaster. Maybe I need a Plan B.

Actually, Plan B is IVF, so maybe I need a Plan C.

One thought on “Better the second time around?

  1. Hi there. Glad to hear that you’re not devastated, but sorry that you’re sad. I feel for you, I just hit the 2 1/2 year mark myself. Frankly, you sound like I feel — tired of it all. I hope things pick up and I’ll keep fingers crossed that this cycle works and you don’t need plans B or C.

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