Testing, 1- 2- 3

Happy New Year and welcome to my first official POAS-a-thon of 2008.

I went to Target a few days ago and bought three boxes of HPT’s (one was a bonus box) so I had 7 tests at my disposal. I figured I’d go with the cheaper ones (they are Target brand) to track the HcG in my system. Saving the FRERs for the big test day.

I opened them yesterday just to test one. And I found they are those stupid blue dye tests (I much prefer the pink dye). It is nice to pee on something knowing you will see a positive, and my test HPT did not disappoint. If only all my tests looked that good!

I think the quandary here is since I had the HcG booster @ 7dpiui (another 10,000 units), I imagine that if I see a negative at all over the next week, it’s probably bad news. RE wants to wait until 1/8, when the second booster should be out of my system.

Theoretically, since this Friday is 14dpiui, I would know the outcome by then. But now I have this booster to contend with mucking up my plans and making simple math into algebra.

This is just outright torture.

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