All’s Quiet on the Ovarian Front

7dpiui, and all is well. Went in for the obligatory u/s and blood draw this morning and the conversation with Dr. P went like this:

[Dr. P scans the right ovary, and measures large gaping hole]

Dr. P: “So, the ovaries look good. No signs of hyper-stimulation, so we’ll do the HcG booster today”.

[Dr. P scans the left ovary, and measures equally large gaping hole]

Me: “So, I ovulated then right?”

Dr. P: “Oh yeah, nooooo question about that, looks very promising. We’ll see you back in 10 days for the beta.”

Stupid newbie question of the day to my BTDT buddies… can they tell if you ovulated on both sides? Or was I just reading too far in between the lines?

And, have any of you had the HcG booster? They gave it to me to stimulate the creation of more progesterone just in case. I guess that’s way better than those damn suppositories in the meantime.

In work news, I am off today! I closed out the year at work and home today with the boy. I’m thinking of swinging by Target for some plastic containers, and maybe a little miscellaneous shopping and errands.

Beats working!

Update: ugh, so the suppositories were prescribed anyway. I just can’t seem to get away without those awful things.

2 thoughts on “All’s Quiet on the Ovarian Front

  1. I was wondering … have they ever mentions the possibility of you taking Heparin (blood thinner) on cycle day 21 which would be implantation day if pregnant? Just curious after all the m/c. I too m/c 4 times, and many times it’s related to a rejection of sperm meets egg and the body rejects and clots off the placenta and m/c occurs. I’m a IVF donor recip with 3 y/o triplets when I was almost 48.Good Luck to you.Tanya

  2. Yes, they can tell by looking at your ovaries if you ovulated. That’s the corpus luteum you saw looking like big black holes. They are responsible for creating progesterone over the luteal phase of a woman’s cycle. That’s why it’s imperitive that women who do frozen embryo transfers or like me, donor egg cycles, take PIO because the body is not producing any naturally.I’ve never had the booster, but it makes sense and since you’ve probably have never been diagnosed with a luteal phase defect, you shouldn’t need PIO.

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