Holiday Hangover

Am I the only sad soul working this week?

If you are kicking back and rubbing your full tummy of Season’s Eatings, I am jealous. I am, at present, eating some leftover Christmas Cookies with my coffee, pouring over financial reports and revenue/expense ledgers, thinking how I might enable my company to recognize that extra $1m of revenue today before close of business.

I know, you’re jealous. [rolling eyes wildly]

Christmas was exhausting and short-lived as usual around here. While I worked yesterday (on the 26th) S. spent the day building race tracks and Lego Firetrucks for David. The pile of toys was just as big as last year, which always pains me because it means I need to fit them somewhere after the big clean-up. David badly needed clothes this year, but no one bought even a gift card from Kohl’s or Target. sigh. Well, at least the boy is happy! lol.

This morning, none of us was capable of getting out of bed on time. Blame it on the Christmas hangover, which extends to New Year’s Day around here. I’m kind of bummed that Christmas is over, it goes way too fast. And it was really an odd holiday without the dog and cat around. I’d insert some sort of cute David picture here, but I can’t upload any of my pictures (still working on finding time to set up the new PC).

I have an appointment at the RE tomorrow for a progesterone check. It will be 7dpiui. If it’s low, then undoubtedly supplements will be needed until next week’s beta draw. And for all you symptom watchers, I feel pretty much nothing out of the ordinary so far.

Except a voracious appetite for a Vanilla Creme donut.

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