Quick and painless

I don’t know why I was nervous about the IUI, but I was.

In reality, it was the easiest thing ever.

Probably the most stressful part of the day was getting the ‘swimmers’ to the lab at the RE’s, and then wondering if we screwed up on S. abstaining too long/not long enough. In the end, his post-wash motile count was great. Doctor P used the words, “excellent” to describe it, and that was a welcome relief

After some mandatory relaxing on the table post-IUI, I was done.

Doc P recommended ‘relations’ (bwahahaha) this evening just to be sure we cover our bases. And by this time tomorrow, I will be in the first 2WW since last Spring.

Finally, another hurdle cleared.

Thanks to you all for checking in on me and all my buddies coming out of the woodwork to wish me luck. It really means a lot to me, you guys rock!!

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