What’s cookin’ baby

Another trip to the RE for more bloodwork and an u/s. Progress has been steady. E2 from the last draw was up to 585 (that was as of Monday…don’t know yet what today’s result is but Doc liked the rise so far), and the same follicles are bigger (with some addt’l catching up). Four clocking in @ 14, two @ 15, and two @ 16. Lining looking good too. Look like we just need a smidge more growth… I think they are looking for the lead follicles to get to 18. It seems all the doctors have a different spin on when is the right time to trigger depending on a bunch of factors. All I know is they are happy with the path I’m on, and that is OK with me.

I am to report on Friday morning for the next regular follie scan. I’ll be bringing along my Ovidrel for the trigger shot just in case on Friday/Saturday. IUI may be Saturday at earliest OR Xmas Eve, depending on the next scan.

For now, we wait.

I feel like a crockpot on simmer. lol.

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