Almost a migrane

So, the injections have been going well. I had my first u/s follie check this morning after three days of stims.

I have a killer headache this morning (perhaps due to rising E2) so I had a hard time listening and focusing while the nurse did the u/s.

I think she mentioned 7 on the right at less than 8, three on the left at 9 and some smaller ones under 7 on the left. I didn’t catch the lining measurement, though I think I heard 7mm.

With the cymbals crashing in my head, it’s possible I imagined it all. lol.

Nurse T will call later today after my bloodwork comes back to see if we will up the dose. I am interested in knowing what my E2 level is. Since I’ve been the exception to the rule lately, I am hoping that it’s not abnormally low or high.

I know, I know… think positive.

Next check is Saturday, and I am a little bummed about that. For one, my local RE office is closed on Saturdays, so I have to trek back to the larger office (40 minutes away) for a 7am u/s and blood draw. Problem is, what to do with David. S. is working, and my parents are away. My in-laws just got back from vacation, and are not morning people. Which means we have to talk them into letting David stay over tomorrow night. You would think that’s easy, but it’s really not.

There is no way I am bringing David to the RE’s office (trust me, that is a no-no of highest proportion). Ugh.

For now, I would be happy just to not have this headache.

3 thoughts on “Almost a migrane

  1. It sounds as if things are cooking right along very nicely. We’ve had to call upon our son’s grandmother on a couple of occassions and that can be tough when you really don’t want to explain why…On Sunday’s, my clinic is very finicky: appts are from 7 – 7:30. Period. I drive 2 1/2 hours and 30 minutes is not a lot to leave to chance.

  2. Good luck Michelle and try to stay positive! I hope I don’t have to tell you that we would be happy to take David overnight on Friday. Let me know if you need us! ;o)

  3. keeping my fingers crossed for you! With my girls I had both my IUIs on Saturdays. The First was easy – we were childless. With the second, it ended up that DH went to the far-away place and gave his “donation” came home and then I went and got turkey-basted. It was about 40 minutes away and a pain..but totally worth it! STAY POSITIVE! We’re right here with you!

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