Hit me with your best shot

It’s two weeks to Christmas.

Is your holiday list completed?

I always work towards a yearly goal of having all my gift purchases done one week before Christmas. Most of the time I screw up and miss that goal, but I think this year I really might make it.

I think it’s my alter ego at work. When I am most stressed and busy, I tend to whip my ass into shape. I’m like a little kid, sometimes if you give me too much leeway, I get bored and procrastinate on every little task. But pile up my calendar, and I am forced into “Commando” mode. get a task. complete the task.

What has gotten into me?

Anyway, I’ve gone from not doing anything to getting everything done (I think the week off of work and blogging helped). So much so that I am pondering embarking on baking next week. I have a beautiful Christmas cake pan that has waited the last two years to be used, and some cookie recipes I’ve been wanting to try.

I know, you are laughing. I can take it.

Oh, and I must report on last night’s injection. Went just fine, and S. didn’t even hesitate. I think he missed his calling as a nurse.

So when will I start to feel my ovaries revving up? I am a newbie, remember. Enlighten me.

I have a follie scan scheduled for Thursday (that will be after 3 days of stims…. I’m on 150IU of Gonal-F).

Oh, and the title of this post…. yeah, I know. ENOUGH with the 80’s song references. But I love Pat Benatar. So there.

3 thoughts on “Hit me with your best shot

  1. I didn’t feel anything while on Menopur. I decided it was good, since I always felt something while not on Menopur and ended up producing crappy eggs. ;)Are you doing IUI or just timed sex this time out?

  2. I have to admit, that I never felt my ovaries twinge once while on stims. Unfortunately, my body is always playing some kind of mindf*ck with me one way or another. I didn’t notice anything going on there until the retrieval when I would get bloated.

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