The first cut is the deepest

Saturday’s appointment was pretty much a wasted one. I could have called that a million miles away.

S. and I arrived promptly at 7am. I had my bloodwork, and we sat with the nurse for the injection training.

Then the u/s. Of course since I had just barely started AF on Friday afternoon, it was no surprise that my lining wasn’t thin enough. It was measuring a whopping 18mm (no doubt due to the fact that I hadn’t had a regular cycle, doubled up with the BCP’s I was on the last three weeks). So they sent me home to return this morning for another u/s. Boo hoo.

Today’s check was right on target, and they noted antral follicle count of 15 (9 R / 6 L). After a quick consult with my RE they gave us the green light to start injections tonight.

As I mentioned, S. will be dispensing said medication since I have to do IM injections into the arm muscle. Lucky me. And until I am double jointed or grow another pair of appendages, he will be my go-to guy for the next 10 days or so.

I gave him an orange to practice on, and I have to tell you… his fear of needles may soon be gone. He was gleefully stabbing that orange to within an inch of its life. Of course when I told him that his first stab (hardy har har) is tonight, he looked like a deer in headlights.

Note to husband: I am not an orange. But I may have to pretend to be one for this first time.

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