Holiday? What holiday?

It’s Monday, really?

That was the shortest 4 day holiday I think I ever experienced. Maybe it was the rushing around on Thanksgiving, or the fact that S. had to work on Friday AND Saturday. Perhaps it was the fact that I spent Friday cleaning out a closet while David enjoyed a movie with his Grandparents. Or perhaps the category 5 headache I had on Saturday which rendered me incapacitated and unable to setup David’s Geotrax Train Set in his playroom.

Just about the only thing I remember was yesterday… dreading the fact that it was SUNDAY.

I had essentially not left my house all weekend. But worse, I didn’t do any holiday shopping nor did I get out the holiday decor. I just didn’t have it in me.

So we jumped in the car, and headed out to a local shopping center to visit THE MAN.

aaaaahhhhh…. now there’s the holiday spirit I was looking for…

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