A little thanks to complement the giving

I have 15 hungry people showing up here in 24 hours for the holiday.

The house is a mess, the kitchen upside down with the goods sitting on the counter from my 7am grocery shopping trip today.

The bathrooms need cleaning, the carpets vaccuming… the table needs to be set and the dishes washed.

And I’m working today.

Well, only until about 2pm. Then I’ll be moving down my list of to-do’s, anticipating that I may get to bed this evening at a reasonable hour.

My goal is to wake up tomorrow, putz around with hubby and my son, and enjoy the Thanksgiving parade on TV while I am cooking.

By noon I will be on my second glass of wine.

The first will toast my thankfulness that I made it through another year, and how lucky, Blessed I am to have my family around me.

The second toast will be to YOU. My blogging friends. Because without you, I wouldn’t have made it to another holiday season.

Wishing you your hearts secret desire for Thanksgiving.

Whether you are just happy to be with those you love, happy to be alone (not everyone loves a crowd)… whether you are cycling, recovering, or in the anxious 2WW…. whether you are at a big gathering or small (with people you love and/or hate)…. or whther you are simply happy as a clam to drift off into a tryptophan-induced turkey coma…

I wish you the happiest of days.

Be thankful.

2 thoughts on “A little thanks to complement the giving

  1. Hope you have a great Holiday, Shelli! Please take time to put your feet up, and breath it all in (trust me, easier said then done!) The best to you and yours, Jen

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