The most wonderful time of the year

I like to shop, normally.

I really do.

But this year I will freely admit I am DREADING holiday shopping. It’s just once more stress component added on to my work situation, S. work issues, babymaking issues, the fact that I don’t have time to houseclean, so forth and so on. Et cetera!

No, I’m not a scrooge.

But considering I am one of those people who usually puts a lot of thought into the “perfect” gift, I am a bit, well……. guilty this year.

I am declaring…. “Christmas Lite”

As in, we will be focusing on the part of Christmas that is not rushing around or standing in line at the mall. Let me back up… I would gladly stand in line at my favorite local bakery for sweets, but I won’t be at Macy’s behind the person opening a new, revolving account at the register when 30 angry people are in line.

We will celebrate the holidays with the things we enjoy most- being together with those we love and counting our blessings that we still have the opportunity to laugh and reminisce.


If you are a member of my dear family, please don’t expect the perfect gift this year. More than likely, your gift will be a gift card. It’s not that I don’t love you enough… it’s that I love you too much to give you a lousy gift you don’t want because I will be soooooo off the mark this year (my brain being off-kilter and all).

Having my friends and family is all I want this year.

and a BFP at the end of my next cycle, that would be good too

just sayin’…

One thought on “The most wonderful time of the year

  1. It’s Christmas Lite here, also. I’m bit into the holidays, but this year I’m just really… off. I’m doing the bare minimum and staying in budget easily, when that’s usually impossible. I just feel really overwhelmed and Christmas is just another thing to stress about right now.

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