must. stay. awake.

This is very bad. Since I’ve been on my combo of new antibotic and cough medicine, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

In fact, this morning, I put my head down and fell asleep at my desk! That was after my XL coffee. Even the computer screen is putting me in a trance. I wish I had a bed in my office. Wait, that would probably be a bad thing.

On the plus side, the Halloween candy is almost gone, thank goodness. If I had to eat another peanut butter cup, I think I’d go crazy. Bwahahahahaha.

Perhaps the universe is attempting to comfort me by forcing chocolate and sleep into my daily routine.

I have to snap out of this.

Maybe Friday. 😉

One thought on “must. stay. awake.

  1. I was on a medication that made me really sleepy and I fell asleep behind the wheel on my way home from work and drove off the road! I was okay but I ripped my tire right off the rim and was lucky because I was about an inch away from hitting a telephone pole!Be careful, hope you feel better.

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