Ode to Scrappy

My son has a blankie,
he calls it “Scrappy”

It used to be a beautiful blanket,
but now it’s just crappy

It’s worn over the years,
thread-bare and matty

If David can’t find it
he just goes batty

I tried to trick him
and buy him one of the same

One that was fresh and new
and not stinking lame (accent on the stinking part)

But David saw through my evil deed,
and on the ‘new scrappy’ he peed (accidentally of course)

Mommy has given up
Yes, it is true

David and Scrappy are stuck like glue.
(at least until the washer finally eats it)

~~~THE END~~~

3 thoughts on “Ode to Scrappy

  1. That was great!In my house we have “Humpty” it’s an egg shaped pillow with a Humpty Dumpty cover over it with arms and legs. My husband had one when he was a baby, his Grandmother makes them.We have tried to replace Humpty and he kept going back to the original, it now has no arms or legs and is brown and his “skin” is only the head part. We have about 10 “extra” Humpties in the house, even I sleep with one!

  2. If you can, snip a piece off to put in his baby book. I had a pillow I took with me everywhere. It smelled of home, no matter how “stinky” it was.

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