Ready or not!

I’m ready for the onslaught. I have my 5 jumbo bags of candy (560 pieces of candy) at the ready. Wait, your balking at the 560 pieces of candy aren’t you? In this neighborhood, that will last only until about 6pm.

So I went to my RE appointment yesterday and we are gearing up for the next cycle. I am 10 days into this one, so assuming we can get the meds ordered and delivered in time, we will be ready to begin sometime around Turkey Day.

I have to laugh when I think about my RE’s office. They are all so stinkin’ nice there, and when they saw me walk in with my husband they all clapped and yelled ‘woot’! S. was like…what the hell??? They were celebrating my hCG return to zero. Dr. V said they will be posting a plaque in the hallway with my unique distinction as the patient with the most blood draws waiting to hit zero. Yeah, right.

So we went over the plan, which is 2 or 3 cycles of injectibles with IUI, and if that doesn’t work, onto IVF. Dr. V whipped out his fact sheets for everything we are doing, reviewed the process (for S.’s benefit really, since he missed the last consult in August)…. and we are on our way.

We are hoping that going this route will produce better egg quality. Obviously, I’ve been serving up crappy eggs in the last year. Dr. V is optimistic for us. He still thinks my RPL is random bad luck, and I still have a good chance of one of these pregnancies sticking. After all, we have exhausted all the tests (thyroid, clotting, immune panel, etc. etc. which all are boringly normal). Even though getting pregnant has not been a big issue with S. and I in the past (sans the ‘questionable’ right blocked tube which may or may not be blocked), Dr. V suggested having S. do an SA this month just to see if anything has changed on his end.

So, between now and then, Dr. V says… “feel free to try to get pregnant this month on your own”. And I’m thinking, damn, it’s been a long time since we were in babymaking mode. And, should I try to start charting again just this month so I can at least know when AF should arrive (No charting of course during monitored cycles but I guess I should just for this one).

I also need to schedule an appointment with the nurse so S. can learn how to give me the shots. They need to be IM (inter-muscular, preferably in the arm) because I am not a lightweight by any means. I am jealous of all you ladies than can get away with those scrawny SQ pens.

So, there we are.

After all this time, we really are moving forward.

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