Shall I whip out my Goddess of Fertility costume?

Did you know that there are at least 25 Fertility Deities? Here I am thinking of the obvious ones like Aphrodite and Venus, but upon Googling I found one for every nationality, religion, and ethic background. My choices for Halloween are now endless. lol.

Come on, anything to increase my odds. You know I am game.

Well, now that the hCG drama has reached an end, we are moving forward. I have a consult with my RE this afternoon regarding next steps. On my mind at present, when this current light AF will end (I’m on Day 10), and is it still considered the last of the miscarriage or if it does count as the start of a new cycle.

Hopefully, my body has not forgotten how to get back in gear…. it HAS been 6 months since my last cycle.

And, of course, the topic of medical insurance and how much I’m going to have to ante up that insurance won’t pay for. For all of my readers/friends who have BTDT, I will probably have some questions for you all when I get there. I get the feeling that my RE’s office is above average at the insurance game. They make a point to give you a novel at the start of each segment detailing what is/is not covered, and they do make an effort to get as much covered as possible. When we had talked about injectibles a few months back, I put together a list of all that they use and what is/is not on my formulary, and they laughed and produced an even better form with my cost per avg. cycle by individual med./combo.

And here I thought I was the Type A personality.

So, I will return with an update later on that. As well, I am picking up David early from daycare after my appointment so we have some time to carve a pumpkin. David loves to pull out the insides of a pumpkin (he’s a boy after all), and who am I to not let him get his hands dirty?

This year, David has TWO costumes… one for school, and the other for Trick-or-Treat… because I learned the hard way that the costume he wears to school never quite makes it home in one piece. Or at all for that matter.

He will be a policeman for school (Target 14.99 special, lol) and a fire fighter for Halloween eve. My goal this year (again, learned the HARD way) is to not let him ingest ANY sugar before going out. Last year, he was so hyped up on sugar we barely made it to 6 houses before he started stripping off his pirate costume.

Lessons learned. 😉

2 thoughts on “Shall I whip out my Goddess of Fertility costume?

  1. Good luck with your appt today. I was thinking of doing the 2 costume thing for Sofia too. There’s no way her Dorothy costume will withstand a day at preschool! Melissa

  2. I have dibs on St. Catherine of Sweden (Patron saint of miscarriage prevention.. this tidbit might have come in handy 7 weeks ago!)Hope you and DS have lots of halloween fun… we’re doing the whole days worth of celebrations, sick or not!

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