BagMomma loves: The PurseSitter

I’m excited to share with you the most adorable handbag accessory find.

The PurseSitter!

What a novel idea. It’s literally a stylish purse hanger for your handbag. No more putting that expensive/fragile purse on the floor of a restaurant or bar and subjecting it to gosh knows what. Ewww, let’s not think about it. Not to mention the security issue of having your bag at your feet or on the back of a chair. Truth is, I’ve spent many evenings with my handbag on MY LAP for an entire meal because there was no way I was going to set my beloved purse on the floor.

When ChicFashion contacted me about this gem of a product, I literally jumped of my chair (really, I did). And then I oogled over the styles and colors. One to fit every woman’s personality. And they are exquisitely handmade with Swarovski crystals and enamel.

My Mom, who is the purveyor of ALL things fashionable (and the ‘original’ BagMomma) will be getting a few of these for the holidays. Finally, a gift I know she would LOVE and doesn’t have!

Please take a moment to visit the official PurseSitter site!

And start some early holiday shopping… for YOURSELF and then maybe your mom, sister, cousin, daughter, best friend, hair stylist, nail technician, babysitter, your children’s teacher, etc., etc., etc. You get the idea.

7 thoughts on “BagMomma loves: The PurseSitter

  1. Sara- I’ve used it twice so far… and in both restaurants the servers (both women) asked me where I got it from (they wanted one too).It held my purse securely (it has a non-slip cushion on the underside and gravity takes care of the rest), and I didn’t feel the least odd about it. Plus it comes with a pouch so you can carry it safely in your bag when you’re not using it. Very cool.

  2. Hi there,I thought your readers might like to know about another purse hanger as well, the PursePal. The designs are really pretty, especially their jeweled flower ones. They also donate $5 from the sale of each one to great causes like breast & ovarian cancer research, environmental causes etc. Their quality is also very high. Find at

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