Perhaps I should consider a life as ‘Bubble Girl’

I knew this weekend was off to a great start when David showed signs of sickness. He had ‘a frog’ in his throat (his words) and spent most of Friday night tossing and turning, getting out of bed and driving S. and I crazy.

But by Sunday, he was much better. Just a cold, I think, that really started the beginning of last week when I think about it.

So was I surprised that last night I had that “scratchy feeling” in my throat? Not really.
And was I surprised that I woke up at 1am with a raging sore throat? Nah.
And this morning, when I puked in the shower? damn, now that’s just not right.

Yes, meet Shelli. Perpetual sickie. Unable to go 4 weeks without an illness. Able to contract anyone’s germs in a single breath.

The thing that is bizarre is I’m very much a clean freak. I wash my hands in scalding hot water many times daily. Lysol is my friend on all kitchen and bath surfaces. I just seem to be in an illness rut.

Complicating factors other than my son’s germ infested school?

I had my flu shot on Saturday. A girl with history of flu in the winter AND summer can never be too careful. Do I think that opened my body to killer white cells on the attack? Honestly, I don’t think it’s likely. I’ve been getting flu shots for the last 10-12 years with no ill effect.

But I am, sick.


Tortured by late/middle-of-the-night TV in my recliner. Enduring reruns of Designing Women, Lifetime Television, and bad infomericals. Just me and the cat, awake at 3am popping 4 Advils at a time (me, not the cat).


And, I haven’t told you about my blood draws. Truth is, I am still in hCG hell. Last weeks went up 1 point (RE calls it ‘the same’). I had another one this morning. I am preparing myself for bad news because, really, is there ever any good news for me?

3 thoughts on “Perhaps I should consider a life as ‘Bubble Girl’

  1. Hi there -Just stumbled on your blog today. I am in a similar boat. Had D&C on 9/15 and my numbers are still high and going down ever so slowly. Today they were 338. Have to now go for a 3D sonogram to see what the hell is going on. This whole hcg thing is true torture. Felt like I was totally in this alone until I saw your blog. Keep your chin up! Kerry

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