Overheard in BagMomma’s car yesterday

SUBTITLED: how ridiculously inept I am at having a difficult conversation with my 4 year old.

David: Mommy, when we die and get buried in the ceeemartty, how long before we are skeletons?

Mommy: Ummmm, I’m not sure.

David: Where does your butt go? Do the bugs eat it?

Mommy: Ummmm….

3 thoughts on “Overheard in BagMomma’s car yesterday

  1. First I giggled at this, but then I tried to put myself in your shoes and I honestly couldn’t think of something to say, either. And I had some time to think about it. In my case, my butt would be the last to go, having the most flesh and all. Not a pretty picture.

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