Fortune Telling

When I was a young girl, I was fascinated by psychics.

Not fortune tellers, tarot card readers, and the 98% of people making a living calling themselves “psychic” (and aren’t by any stretch of the imagination). We are talking the real deal.

Looking back I understand why I was so interested at such a young age, and that is a story for another time. Or another blog for that matter.

Anyway, I personally knew two really outstanding psychics. I started visiting them on a whim when I first went to college.

The interesting thing about these two people was that they didn’t charge an arm and a leg. Also you could tape the conversations. I was both a skeptic and a believer, and over time I became more impressed at the specific accuracy of their readings.

I saved some of those conversations. And listened to one recently (I hadn’t in maybe 15 years or so). If you want a serious trip, listen to yourself on a tape from when you were 19 years old. lol.

Anyway, my favorite was Mr. Dee. He was an older man who lived in Northeast Philadelphia who was known for being the “real deal”.

I think of Mr. Dee often, let me tell you why. He predicted every major life event I’ve had this far. Every. One.

Oh, sure. You’re thinking. He probably just threw some general things at you that could happen to anyone. He researched you before you came for the reading. Psychics are just making things up as they go along.

When I visited him the first time I spoke to his assistant, and she took my first name only, and my telephone number. I was a student at the time, and gave him my dorm hall number. (No such thing as cell phones back then). No one even knew about the internet either, so Googling me was out of the question too. I had to wait 4 months for my appointment. And I was pretty intimidated when I got to his office.

He asked me to sit down, but not to speak. When it was time for my reading he asked me to extend my hand for a moment, and he touched the top. Then he sat back, sighed, and asked me if I wanted to know only positive or negative events.

I said both. His readings were free-flow. He would talk for about 25 minutes about anything that came to his mind, and then he would allow questions.

He caught my attention right off the bat when he easily recited the names of my family members, living and dead. Not initials, names…. occupations, and health issues. He warned me of my Grandmothers heart condition, and knew my Grandfather had died from a massive heart attack at the age of 59. He knew my Dad was a business owner, he knew I had one brother named after my Dad.

I was immediately blown away, and nervous. How does he know all of this by JUST my first name and my status as a student?

He also connected with a memory I kept hidden from everyone. Something that happened to me that I told no one about. I was freaked out, stunned, and keenly aware that I have met someone who wasn’t bullshitting me.

Then he allowed me to ask questions. I had a paper with some notes, but that sort of went out the window in my stunned silence. So I went off the cuff, and these were a sampling of the questions, his answers, and my comments today:

Me: What kind of job will I have?
Mr. Dee: Computers. Your working life will always be around computers. You will fall into it, literally, and you will love it.
My comment today: it was 1987, and computer science wasn’t even a major in my college, I graduated with a degree in Marketing/Management and back then the only computer experience I had was the ONE required Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS class. I had no interest in computers. I got my first job in a software company (curiously, Lotus Development…. ironic, no???) after a one-year failed attempt in retail by answering an ad in the paper. The rest… history.

Me: When will I get married?
Mr. Dee: Late twenties. It is not the boy in your life right now. You will be surprised how far you search for someone right under your nose.
My comment today:Back then, I did not want to hear this. I was ‘in love’ with my boyfriend back then, and we had plans to marry someday. I forgot about that comment because I hated it. I married my husband S. at the age of 27. He was my neighbor I grew up with from the age of ten. Oddly, we didn’t date until I was 26.

Me: Will I have children, how many?
Mr. Dee: Much later in life. They will be all boys. Three.
My comment today: Well, you know where this is going. Call me crazy but I recall this ALL THE TIME especially with what’s going on now. I have to trust that Mr. Dee didn’t throw me a strike out. He’s been right about everything, how can this not be true??? I wish I knew then what I know now to qualify that statement better.

I have not visited a psychic since I was 26. I think the reason I stopped was because after meeting Mr. Dee, I felt he was as close to the real thing as I would ever get. And whatever skepticism I had was gone after meeting him. I wonder if he is still around?

So, how many of you have visited a psychic in your lifetime? Did you meet any believable ones? Or do you think this is all “hogwash”? Tell me your thoughts.

28 thoughts on “Fortune Telling

  1. I have seen Mr. Dee. He is extremely accurate. My friends have seen him as well…same thing accurate and specific.My one friend and I are extremely close, we didn’t tell him we knew each other and we showed up in each other’s cards by name. Some things he sees around u can be for the close people in your life. I know 5 people (the list is growing) and each was pleased and amazed. Be mindful that when u see a psychic…some things take time to reveal and free will or changes in behavior can adjust your path. He is the truth!

  2. HI so I went to Mr. Dee this past summer, & my friend went to him a month later, and then both my sisters. Either he says the same thing to people or he is really predicting something for me. He said that someone I know or me or someone in my family would have a surprise pregnancy and the child would be interracial. Except he used the term choc baby (which is so rude & old fashion). I am writing all of this because I want to see if he is using this on everyone. Please reply if you heard him say this to you.

  3. I went to Mr. Dee about 3 years ago and I had a similar experience. I wouldn’t say all of the predictions he made about my life were true, but at the end of the session he gave me a list of names and EVERY single one of them was of someone of importance in my life. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, close friends, the guy I had a crush on at the time… He even named my 2 dog’s names Annie and Sadie. I left totally freaked out!

  4. HI….I agree with you 100%. I went to Mr. Dee when I was 21 years old. I am now 46. At the time, I didn’t know my husband. I had just been dumped by the what I thought was the “Love of my Life” . He actually wrote his name on the paper and told me that my ex was cheating on me the entire relationship for 1 year and was getting married within 2 months . He did!! Mr. Dee also kept drawing rings around my husband’s name which is ROB. I met my hubby at age 25. He also told me I would have 2 daughters 10 years apart and guess what I do!! He is great. I am about to call him so I can see him. I do go to Median Her name is Aisling. She is booked thru to 2010. You can email her.

  5. My sister and I just went to Mr. Dee. My appt was in August and hers was yesterday. In August Mr. Dee mentioned that my mom would be coming into money soon. I of course called my mom as soon as I came home and told her the good news. She was really excited but as months went on she said ” I don’t think he is the real deal.” It never happened.. So yesterday my sister Jackie went to Mr. Dee and he told her the same exact thing. Your mom will be coming into a couple of bucks really soon. Wouldn’t you believe it? My mom got her pension statement and say that she earned 134 bucks extra for the month of december. She called the office and it turns out that they calculated her pension wrong all these years. They oweher 5K in past monies. My mom is now a ” COUPLE of bucks richers.” Just like Mr. Dee stated. I went to him in august and he was pretty accurate. Of course some of which didn’t happen yet. I am patiently waiting.

  6. My son was missing and my daughter finally found him she called and when she went to make the appt. they had a cancellation,she got to see him in a wk. He was a little scary but he told her names some she knew and some she knew within a couple of wks.He said my son would surface and gave a date and he did unfortunately he was deceased but he said surface was a fragile word. He had a car accident and had drowned.I believe that he reads what you are going to see and hear in a short time. That’s how things happened t her.I am calling for an appt. He was on the $$$$.

  7. Mr Dee is still around…I also saw him and had a reading….He is the real deal Phone #215-632-0760 Or 215-333-0584.. I also went 30 years ago…And I am planing to see him again

  8. I have recently been to Mr. Dee in August 08. He was scary accurate with many things, and named my closest family members. He told me things about my boyfriend who had recently passed away and knew things that had happened before he passed. He knew my dogs name, even nicknames. A few of the things that he told me have come about already, he is great. Definitly the real deal. However, I did find some of my session a kinda confusing for he talks pretty fast and mumbles a little. But I strongly recommend him. Ill be making another appointment with him soon. On another note…does anyone know of a good Medium in the Philadelphia area? I have made an appointment with a woman named Elizabeth Herrington, she is supposed to be really good, but her waiting list is long and my appointment isnt until November of 09. I am looking to find another one just to keep me going until then. Any suggestions? Anyone ever heard of a guy named Ricky Wood?

  9. My mom and I are going to him in a few months. My grandmom livs in the northeast and has been to him. From the stories I have heard, he sounds great. When you call to make the appt, why does his assistant ask for your birthdates??

  10. Hi my name is RachelI went to see Mr Dee 3/2008 and actually it scared me. He was accurate on alot of things he told me to change my tumblers and within that week someone tried to break into my office he told me to wear my seat belt 15 different times before this I would wear my seat belt once in a while and my children followed in my foot steps after his reading I made sure every day all of us put our seat belts on April 2008 my 16 year old son fell asleep while driving smashed into a pole and the car caught on fire almost killing my son He had his seat belt on He kept saying slow down in the car tell your son slow down He asked me like or love your husband my response was love he looked at me and said I will tell you what if you make it until 9/2008 you and your husband will be fine unfortunately we only made it until 6/2008 He told me I see you in a row home with a deck I told him no I have a single he said I am sure of it I rent a townhouse now with a deck He told me I work in Real Estate and he sees the IRS all around me SCARY HUH however, I was in the middle of filing 3 years of taxes He knew my dogs name TJ and he knew my cats name Flower How is that possible? He also told me numbers that are important to me in my life 9777 this is my ex boyfriend’s birthdate

  11. Regarding knowing the names of your family members, friends, and pets, keep a *VERY* close watch on him and the way he organizes those cards that he wrote names on; it’s not as ESPish as you might think. He was very vague, could have applied to anyone. Also, he asked me many questions and all I could think was, “You’re the psychic…you should know.” The one thing I do agree with him on is that we all have the power within ourselves to make things happen as we want to have happen. It’s a good lesson. There were some things he mentioned that hadn’t happened yet; if they do, I’ll be forced to eat my words.

  12. Hello, I am going to Mr. Dee next wednesday 8/6/08. I am sooooooooo excited! Can someone tell me if they have seen him recently? I went to him over 11 years ago.

  13. Hello, i went to see mr.d june 2008,he told me some very strange things and so far nothing has come true,he did however know the names of all my family members and i’m just hoping the things he did tell me come true.

  14. This is amazing!!! I am now in my 60’s and I went to Mr. Dee when I was in my twenties on up until I moved from the area. Years ago he told me my life like he had visions and believe it or not he was right about everything. I will be calling for an appt. Gosh! I thought he was old than. Distinquished, but old. I am very surprised he is still alive.

  15. Hi. I have gone to him 3 times in about as many years. I just went again this week. He writes names on cards, one of the males in your life, one of the females. I feel like each time I have went, I have liked it alittle less. I think he is great, but each time less and less was on the mark, but still on the mark then other people. Maybe in time I will look back and it will all be true, but somethings were very vague. It sounds like at that time he was very specific. He did not mention some key things and when I asked my questions I don’t know if he was just saying what he thought I wanted to hear?? I don’t know. He is def worth a try though cause he knew things like my mom and dads name, aunts/uncles, boys in my life, even pets!

  16. He is still around, my mom just had a reading with him last week. He is located at 8040 Roosevelt Boulevard, suite 211 Philadelphia, PA 19152 and his phone number is 215-333-0584. He is a bit pricey though $75 for a half hour reading… and he has a waiting list so you have to schedule about 3-4 months in advance.

  17. Hey. I have heard about Mr. Dee before and would love to get a reading. I know you said you wonder if he still is around and I think he is since I just heard about him recently. Do you remember where in the Northeast he is? I am trying to search for a number/location and can’t find anything; that is how I came across your blog. Thanks!

  18. I did visit a psychic when I was about 19 as well and it was taped. I had to laugh at the whole thing with computers and how silly that would sound back in the late 80’s. lol. I remember typing papers in college, freakin’ prehistoric!I got goosebumps when I read about 3 boys…

  19. Hi..I’ve never visited a psychic before (dun think I ever will) seems kind of eerie to me..Also I believe tat God holds the future & He knows wat’s best for me..Have a great week..!!

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