But all the cool kids have one!

I bought Hubby an iPod for his birthday.

He (the most nontechnical wannabe) just HAD to have it. I guess he felt like he was missing out on some international secret or something.

I already have one. I use my iPod when I clean, and when I walk or work-out. I can plug mine into my car because it has an mp3 port. I have an older iPod Mini, and it suits its purpose. I’d love to have the full-blown video iPod (the U2 Special Edition with the complete U2 anthology of songs, and Bono’s autograph). But it seems like an overboard expense when I am saving up for the holidays and my upcoming assisted cycles.

Note that handbags are excluded from my self-imposed budgetary rules.

Anyway, I bought S. an iPod Nano. It has the nice color screen (which mine doesn’t), but it holds considerably less music. I had a method to my madness there.

So here’s the thing. I don’t know when (if EVER) he will use it. He doesn’t have an mp3 port in his truck. I’ve never witnessed him relax enough to sit still and listen to music. But I humor him anyway.

Since last Wednesday, he has been HOUNDING me to set it up. He wants to download music and I’m like “yeeeeeah, sure. Don’t dare do it without my supervision”. He would be the person who mistakenly downloads the entire iTunes website.

yeah, really.

The problem is, I have my own iPod syncing with our home computer (I won’t use it on the work pc, ’cause I don’t like to do anything personal on my laptop). So I had to browse the Apple support site for some tips on how to have TWO ipods on one pc, and how to keep the music directories separate. There are many ways to do it, none very easy for the non-technical folks. You would think being in the business for 15 years, I’d be able to set this up in a flash. Not the case. I am sure a teenager would have figured it out hours before I did.

Because I had ENOUGH with his pestering, I worked heads down until I had it perfect. Both iPods are working smoothly. (He’s just not allowed to sync his own iPod… like, E-V-E-R).

So, last night, I hand him the iPod. Here ya go honey! I even downloaded his bad 70’s rock music I hate (Jim Morrison is dead thank god, but how does he manage to have new music?).

And it has sat in the same spot I placed it.

How much you wanna bet it doesn’t move for at least a week?

2 thoughts on “But all the cool kids have one!

  1. Hi Shelli~I bought Steve an IPOD for Xmas and he loves it. I want to get one of my own and was wondering how that works when you have 2 directories on one computer. Probably easier to just have 2 computers, I imagine? I hope your DH uses it!!If you got him a docking station, do you think he’d use it? I am the same way, I want one but never am in any situation where I wear headphones, but would and do use the docking station. It’s all DH’s music at the moment, but I’d like my own to put songs for DD on there to play. Ok, I am rambling. lol. Momlissa

  2. Get one of those FM adapters, then he can listen to it in the truck over the radio. That’s what we use! And it’ll work anywhere there’s a radio, not just in the car.

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