Birthday wishes

Today is hubby’s 40th birthday. Quite simply, I have to admit I don’t know how the years have managed to slip by so fast. Didn’t we just celebrate 30?
Happy Birthday, sweetie. ~xo

In other news, I am still in limbo with my hCG issue. Monday’s result was 14, so lower than the last draw, but still not lower than two weeks ago. I spoke to the doctor, and we are doing another draw tomorrow… if it’s the same or higher we will start meth.0.trex.ate. The concern now is the leftover microscopic cells could mutate into cancerous ones, and the meth.0.trex.ate would potentially eliminate the bad cells that set up shop in my uterus.

I do NOT need another lesson on bad luck. Please send major hCG lowering vibes. I do NOT want to take this drug.

Not only are the side-effects a bitch, but it could throw a seriously long wrench into my plans to ever get back to TTC.

I seriously am borrowing S.’s birthday wish when he blows out his candle on his cupcake tonight.

4 thoughts on “Birthday wishes

  1. Oh my word – there is something wrong with my google reader! You’ve been in there forever and I thought you’d stopped posting because I haven’t been getting feeds for about 2 months!!!!I’m going to delete it and add it again – hopefully that works!Thanks so much for your comment on my blog – that will definitely stop the questions! 🙂

  2. Oh gosh. I’m sending good vibes your way. I’m going through something similiar, and the methotrexate… wow. I really hated it and hope I don’t have to get another. I probably won’t. I’d almost risk it.So good luck good luck good luck!

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