Just when you thought you hit rock bottom

THUMP! That’s me. I’m as low as low can get.

Why? In addition to the misery of the last few weeks? months? year? I am now a contagious carrier for strep throat!

Oh yes… so not only is it possible to have the flu in the summer, it’s also possible to have strep throat a mere 4 weeks later. If you are counting, that’s the third major illness since my ill-fated pregnancy in May.

And the irony? My son does not have it (I am glad about that). BUT, I was going thru my stack of papers/bills today, and I saw that there was a notice sent out LAST FRIDAY that several children in his class had strep throat.

In other words, David carried it home to Mommy.

Way to go there little man. Go ahead, kick Mommy when she’s down~!

The upside? Well, there isn’t one. Except to say I didn’t know a person was allowed to ingest 4-6 Advils in one dose until yesterday. It’s the only thing that takes the edge off of my blistering, sandpapery, about to explode, throat.

My liver might shut down, but my throat won’t close up. Peachy, eh?

That’s it. I’m ready to start blaming specific people for all of my problems. I need to spread the grief around, ’cause this is just too damn tiring.

Who’s up first???

3 thoughts on “Just when you thought you hit rock bottom

  1. I had strep last month and none of the kids had it. I have never been more miserable! I hope they have you on a good strong antibiotic. You should start feeling better tomorrow. Take care of yourself!

  2. Ack! I'll share your grief! I've been sick twice in the last 2 weeks. It's like someone is taking a voodoo doll of me and drop kicking it. It should be against the law for moms to get sick. It's just mean.

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