The flip side

Celebrities lead lives so foreign to most of us. Most of the time we sit back and read the gossip mags and websites and imagine how easy they have it. Money, beauty, power…. all things in one package.

I’ll be the first to admit, lately, when I hear of a pregnant celeb, I automatically think it must have been so easy for them. Why wouldn’t it be? Their lives (on the surface) seems to shine perfection 24/7.

And who in the celebrity world ISN’T pregnant nowadays? Notice the celebs who get the most exposure? The young ladies (especially the under 21 crowd), and the older ladies (by OLDER, I mean MY AGE bracket…. 37-43). Because being young and pregnant or old and knocked up is news.

From their airbrushed feet to their noses. Sheer perfection.

Addicted to drugs, history of drug abuse? For some reason, the fertility gods love addicts. Poof! Pregnant.

Unattached, single, on the prowl? An OOPS baby? Oh, they love them too.

And they go on to have healthy pregnancies. And we marvel at the publicity shots (in which EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. shows said celeb on the red carpet holding their gigantic tummy. Which makes a woman like me shake my head in disgust and fist in the skies….proclaiming…. WHY? WHY?

Ok, not that overly dramatic, but you get the idea.

To be realistic, it’s doubtful that the gods favor celebrities over me. At least I hope they don’t. (even though my own personal track record is troubling as of late).

But we never hear the flip side of the perfect life of a celeb. The power entertainment shows and magazines won’t report on it… because there’s nothing flashy about infertility treatment and the highs and lows. Why, it’s practically a snoozefest for them.

Which is why I am sharing an article with you that I stumbled on over the weekend.

Taking the Long Way Home is the story about the different roads taken by each of the members of the band The Dixie Chicks to become moms. One easy, two not very easy at all. Finally, celebs willing to admit that they are just like us.

Broken internal plumbing, warts, and all.

No airbrushing allowed.

5 thoughts on “The flip side

  1. Great article, thanks for sharing. There have been some other celeb stories — Courtney Cox struggled with IVF treatments and the paparazzi was awful — think how much worse that would be. Also, there is some celeb whose baby has autism. So.. I think we do here about some of it — but you are right, the rest the media makes look pretty damn easy.

  2. This is so true. It is sometimes just a challenge for me to wait in line at the grocery store. The “Us,” the “People,” etc., showing those beautiful women with their beautiful pregnancies. Then again, someday, we will be with our babies and no one will know the story behind it. No one will probably ever know how much pain and suffering it took to get there. We will even start to forget, as strange as that seems right now. But it is still good to remember the other side of things, especially while we are still living it.

  3. Wow. That is an amazing article. I wish more celebrities were that open. Certainly it is their right to have their family privacy, but I can’t help but think it is a disservice when people like Nancy Grace (or whoever) act like it is just a peace of cake no matter your age or circumstances. Good for them for sharing their story!–MM

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