Friday funk, I said FUNK people!

Well, thank goodness this week is drawing to a close. Work was insane this week (I did get through all of those e-mails btw), and now I am winding down my day.

I am also waiting for Nurse T to call me with my hcG blood draw results from this AM. Since it’s only been 48 hours since the last one, I’m not holding out much hope that it’s a lot lower. I’d love for her to say ZERO! but you and I know that would never be the case in my wildest dreams. I’ll settle for anything less than 30.

Husband S. hasn’t been able to sit on the patio yet. He managed to develop a sinus infection (again) and he’s sick. Which sucks all the way around for me since I become handmaiden for the little guy and my ‘big’ little guy in the evenings. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

And, of course we can’t leave out talking about last night’s episode of Big Brother. What a letdown! Just give those two the money, why bother with the finale? And the bigger question, WHY did I invest 72 days watching this show? why? why? why? And, who to vote to win? I have to say ED, because he looked like a sad little wet puppy standing on that carrot for 7 hours and losing the first competition. In reality, you KNOW dude was just dying for a cigarette. That is one fierce chain smoker. And if his daughter won, well, I’m not convinced she would even share that money with him.

Lastly, I opened my mail today and read that I was invited to the super-secret-positively-awesome VIP party at the Coach store (25% off and freebies at the store). While normally I yell like a silly schoolgirl when I get my invites twice a year, my heart is not in handbags today. Shudder the thought, but it’s true. It’s not that I need a handbag, well, ok…. I really don’t…. but I never miss it, and today…. well, I am missing it.

So carry on, people, and enjoy your weekend. Think AF thoughts for me, will ya

Update: hcG=23…. well, I guess I’ll take what I can get. Next draw will be Wednesday.

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