Vacation: all I ever wanted

So, the BagMomma family is leaving for vacation this Friday to visit the House of the Mouse. Disneyworld.

Florida in the summer, are you clinically insane? …Yep, I know what you are thinking.

Actually, we do have a timeshare (Disney Vacation Club), but we are paying our way on this trip because it’s really cheap.

Cheap? Disney is not cheap. …Yea, I see you rolling your eyes.

Au contraire, Disney is very cheap over Labor Day weekend. In fact, it’s one if the best times (crowd-wise) to go to Disney.

And my company, offered this week package for a ridiculously low price which includes hotel and park tickets.

So we couldn’t resist. We are even bringing the Grandparents (my Mom and Dad) to join in the merriment.

We pretty much go every year on the timeshare, but we used our point allotment for our Hilton Head, SC trip back in May… so we are taking a second vacation this year (unusual for us, but damn do I need it).

I’m sure David will have a ball. He’s now at the perfect age to grasp the entire Disney-experience.

So if you happen to also be in Mouse territory next week, and you see a bunch of computer looking geeks there, it’s the vacation week for the ‘Big Blue’ employees.

I however, AM NOT bringing my laptop.

no way, no how.

You’ll find me with my family screaming like silly children on the Rockin’ Rollercoaster. Or drinking the super-size beers at Germany in Epcot.

As my Dad would say, 24 hours of non-stop fun!

David and Daddy, c. 2006

3 thoughts on “Vacation: all I ever wanted

  1. Wow, have fun!! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to actually enjoy Disney and not whine through it. I am trying to decide (albeit last minute) if we should head somewhere for the weekend. I think I need a break from obsessing about peeing on sticks and whether or not I’m O’ing.

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