Freaks Invade the City of Brotherly Love

Does it feel like it’s been a loooong time since we last talked about American Idol?

American Idol is in my hometown today. Yes people, the hometown of our very own Justin Guarini (didn’t he break out with a stellar career? ooops, that was Kelly Clarkson.) As we speak, masses of young people are at the Wachovia Center in Philly. Three times the crowd they’ve seen in the other audition cities.

They have camped out for days, and now face a 10 hour wait (AFTER registration) to get 10 SECONDS in front of a preliminary judge (Paula, Randy, and Simon don’t hit town until next week, when they whittle down to the ‘best’ contestants). ‘Best’ being described loosely…

What can you judge in ten seconds? Ten seconds is nothing… which I guess is why they end up seeing so many people dressed in costumes like chickens and drag queens. How else can you make an impression in ten seconds??

I am betting that the cheesteak joints in South Philly are doing a brisk business right now. Nothing like warming up the vocals with a cheesesteak wiz wit.

Sorry, out of towners… translation: cheesesteak with cheese wiz and fried onions.

Yummmy. I haven’t had a cheesesteak in ages from Geno’s or Pat’s.

Must. Make. Trip. For. Carbs. and. Fat.

Good luck Idols, have fun in our fine city!

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