Google me this

I find it odd when I look into how people find my blog. Sometimes it’s a mention or a link from another fellow blog. Sometimes, it’s a blog search on secondary infertility or WAHM.

But by far I enjoy the random Googlers, and to them I dedicate this post. Here are my favorites from the last two weeks:

To the person that found me via the search term, “Ice Road Hookers”… I am not a hooker, and if you knew me, the last place I would be found is in the cold and ice. I am, however, a fan of the TV show, “Ice Road Truckers”….. for the suspense aspect, and not the dirty truckers.

“Does Mr. Softee have a bathroom?” Wow. I never thought of that. I assume you were thinking about the driver and not looking for a public bathroom for yourself. You know what, thinking about getting my Ice Cream steps away from a potential bathroom has kinda grossed me out now. Thanks for that.

“three breasts and boobs” yeah, I got just two, what’s it to ya? You’re scaring me.

“can you get influenza in the summer?” um, yes. Trust me, you can.

and my personal favorite “cheap fun in the office”…. The fun in the office part had me thinking where you were going with that, but the part that troubles me is that you want it cheap. And then I thought about it some more and decided I have no flippin’ idea. Except to say that BagMomma and cheap probably would never appear in the same sentence together. I’m just sayin’…..

5 thoughts on “Google me this

  1. I love finding out what directs people to certain blogs. 1) you have to wonder why people are searching for those specific topics 2) you have to wonder why the search engine directs them to you.

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