Fevers and regrets

Who says the flu should keep you from blogging?

I’m actually feeling a bit better today, after last night trying to fight down my 104.5 fever. Suffice to say that I spent most of the night in the shower or under a cold, wet towel.

Note to self: showers hurt like hell when you have a raging fever.

My fever hasn’t registered over 101 today (yet). I did a little work this morning, but promptly logged off the work laptop at 11am for the day.

I am just about to crawl into bed. But before I do….

did anyone see “The View” this week? Joan Rivers was guest hosting, and Barbara Walters asked the panel “what is/was your biggest regret in life?”

A pretty heavy question. Of course, Joy made a joke. And Elizabeth begged off the question with some wishy washy Mom answer, “I regret little things in a day, like I should have done this or that… but I am a Mom… so busy…” blah, blah… (I bet her answer really was she wish she didn’t have the smackdown with Rosie, but just my opinion). Elizabeth, I am sure you have a deeper regret than showing up late to an appointment. Plueeze…..

Anyhoo, Joan Rivers (who I love, don’t laugh) got all serious and said,”I wished I would have had another child.”

Barbara, who has a daughter, nodded in agreement, and exclaimed the same regret. That knowing look on their face, I’ve seen it. I teared up. I don’t usually get weepy watching The View.

It stung. All I could think of is fast forwarding 20 or 30 years (when I’m pushing 60-70) and thinking those words may come out of my mouth too.

Followed by “…. I tried, I really, really, tried“.

So I asked myself, what is my big regret? And the answer was no surprise…. I waited too long to have children.

Because in my perfect world, I would love to have three. At least, I always visualized that.

And now, having two may end up as a miracle, if the stars and moon align.

What’s your biggest regret?

2 thoughts on “Fevers and regrets

  1. My husband is always telling people we waited too long. It pisses me off. Sure we met when I was 24, but we didn’t get married until a month before I turned 30. Then we waited three years before starting a family. What did he expect me to do? Accidently get knocked up while we were dating “just in case”? People do not wait TOO long. Some people weigh their choices and make decisions based upon logic. Why is that bad when it comes to having children? Oh,yeah, b/c it might be too long. Damn. A hole in my theory.

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