Sick and Sicker

I am sick. I felt great yesterday morning. At lunchtime I started getting body aches and that scratchy feeling in my throat. By midnight I was in full-on sickness mode.

You name the symptom, I have it today. Headache, stomach upset, throat on fire, vomiting, chills, ears hurt. I can barely walk my muscles ache so bad.

Called the Dr. 30 minutes ago and BEGGED them to get me in this morning. I have a 10am appt.

What is it, the flu? It sure feels like it. Can you get the flu in the Summer??

I need meds, and fast. I am hosting a breast cancer benefit on Sunday, and I can’t afford to be sick.

Sickness gods, please have mercy on me!

UPDATE 8/16: yep, flu. sigh…..

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