David goes to the Dentist

Well, bless his heart. My little man had his first official teeth cleaning at the Dentist yesterday, and he was as well-behaved as a boy could be.

He picked out a pair of sunglasses from the bin to protect him from the bright light of the lamp. And then, proceeded to ask what each tool was on the hygenist’s (MJ) table, and what flavor toothpaste he was getting. He’s a man that wants to be prepared.

When MJ asked him to OPEN WIDE he opened his mouth so wide I was sure he cracked his jaw. He even spit into the sink with no drippage on his bib (I can’t even do that!)

True to my word, I took him to the toy store for his “army men” he’s been wanting to buy, then we ate lunch at the mall.

“Mommy, I am a big boy…. there’s nothing I can’t do”.


This growing up thing has to slow down. I miss having a baby around here.

2 thoughts on “David goes to the Dentist

  1. Emily wants to know what every tool does at the dentist too. Last time, she insisted on watching what the hygenist was doing in my mouth too! She got so close she blocked the hygenist’s view. :)Each time, I think maybe she’ll end up being a dentist!

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